Hungarian Speech – Articulation, Strand of Speech, Intonation, Accent on Stem

This is the pdf. file you can download: HungarianSpeech

I wrote this entry in a pdf. file because WordPress did not allow me to create texts the way I wanted to. If there is any trouble with downloading, please notify me in the comment section.

Next time I’ll write about ‘Ambivalence in Meaning’ and a phenomenon that cannot really be written down with any scientific method, but it is an integral part of Hungarian speech.

I’ll also try to upload some sound files in addition to the pdf. file. After all, you should hear what those intonations sound like.

English-Hungarian Thematic Dictionary

I finally got to the end of writing this dictionary for you. What you’ll find in this 5,38 MB pdf doc is thematically arranged Hungarian words. I hope it’ll help you continue the endless effort you’ve put in your studies so far. 🙂

So here it is. I wish you a good knowledge of Hungarian words for Christmas! 🙂 If there’s any problem with the download, let me know.

English-Hungarian Thematic Dictionary

Download the grammar book here!

All right. So what you see below (tmthtgfinal) is a revised version of my book from today on. I’ve made a few mistakes in the first book and I’ve found several way to improve things. Mainly grouping and arranging grammatical topics in a more reasonable way. So there is some improvement on verbs and nouns. And you can find summary tables at the very end of the book. I hope it helps you learn (more about) Hungarian since that’s my goal with my writing. The size of the pdf. book is 10 Mb.

This book exists in electronic format only. It’s absolutely free to download it, but it’s only for personal use. Please respect the copyright issues, all rights reserved, and so on…