English-Hungarian Thematic Dictionary

I finally got to the end of writing this dictionary for you. What you’ll find in this 5,38 MB pdf doc is thematically arranged Hungarian words. I hope it’ll help you continue the endless effort you’ve put in your studies so far. 🙂

So here it is. I wish you a good knowledge of Hungarian words for Christmas! 🙂 If there’s any problem with the download, let me know.

English-Hungarian Thematic Dictionary

8 comments on “English-Hungarian Thematic Dictionary

  1. Henry K Bierling says:

    I am glad I happened to come across your blog.
    In many respects I find your texts and examples are above and beyond what is presented on other sites.
    I plan to download your entire work for further study.


  2. Denise Lim says:

    Nagyon köszönöm! I’m learning Hungarian on my own, and your blog definitely helped me a lot.


  3. hisham says:

    So beneficent,thank you for such amazing program


  4. Steven Lytle says:

    In the thematic dictionary under anatomy of animals, I don’t see any words for bird parts, especially wing (although I did find this under ‘food’), feather, or beak/bill, maybe crop and gizzard for internal organs.


    • hunlang says:

      A few of them with their plural form in parentheses:

      csőr(ök)-beak, begy-breast, has(ak)-belly, lábujj(ak)-toe, karom (karmok)-claw, csüd(ök)-leg, pastern, szárny(ak)-wing, farokalja-undertail, farok (farkak)-tail, farcsik-rump, hát-back, dolmány-mantle, tarkó-nape, fejbúb-crown, homlok-forehead, zúza, zúzógyomor-gizzard, kloáka-cloaca, villacsont-wish bone


  5. Lou says:

    Thank you, I look forward to reading this!


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