Hi everyone,

This is my website myhunlang.com where you can download my pdf. writings for free or just scroll through various entries that help you learn the Hungarian language.

If you have any questions, write a comment and I’ll do my best to give you a proper answer.

Have fun! 🙂

Best Wishes

László Ragoncsa

26 comments on “About

  1. Barb says:

    I am really learning from your work! Thank you!

  2. tamas says:

    Hello, találtam itt egy tematikus angol-magyar szótárat, felhasználhatnám azt egy szótanuló alkalmazáshoz? köszönöm Tamás

  3. tamas says:

    Rendben, köszönöm.

  4. Thomas says:

    I’m a beginner in learning the Hungarian language and a native German speaker. This bog is very helpfull. Thank you for sharing. Thomas

  5. Adrian Olivas says:

    I just found this blog and it is great! I want to be fluent in Hungarian!

  6. Will Dixon says:

    Please could someone advise me on the topic of verbs. I seek a book of Hungarian verb tables similar to that which Barron publish for the most popular languages such as English, France, Spanish etc in their series ‘501 French Verbs’ etc. I already have the book ‘Hungarian Verbs & Essentials Of Grammar’ published by McGraw Hill which goes into detail on the grammar but is light on conjugations of the most commonly used verbs.

    What I seek is a simple book of maybe 501 common verbs in Hungarian alphabetical order with the most frequently used 10 tenses of each verb. I realise that there are a vast number of moods tenses to learn but the 10 most used will suffice. Clearly, an index in English would be necessary. I do not wish to have a book which lists the forms of the tenses and then has an index of basic verbs which indicates which example to use. My need is to go to the individual verb and see it fully defined in all of its common tenses, as in the Barron ‘501 French Verbs’ etc.

    If you cannot answer then please point me in the direction of where I can get an answer.


    • hunlang says:

      Hi there,

      I couldn’t find books specifically with verbs as you need them. What I can offer you from this blog is the following link:


      This list has 500 verbs in 3rd person singular present tense, only without the rest of the tenses/moods.

      • David McAllister says:

        Hunglang, I would be interested in developing a database or app that would contain as many Hungarian verb forms as possible and which would be searchable. So when a learner comes across “lásd” he could find that it’s the 2nd person singular definite subjunctive/imperative of “lát.” Would you or any of your followers be interested in collaborating on such a project? I feel that this would be really useful.

      • hunlang says:

        Sounds good. What would be the details of a project like that?

      • David McAllister says:

        Not sure if my response came through, but please contact me by email and I can report about my idea and progress to date. Thank you for your excellent blog!! Dave McAllister

      • David McAllister says:

        May I add one more book recommendation, since I feel strongly that this is the book a learner needs. It’s in English. Carol H. Rounds, “Hungarian, An Essential Grammar”, 2nd Edition, Routledge, 2009. I’m not clear on which ISBN is for the 2nd Edition, but I think it’s 3: 978-0-415-77737-7 for the paperback. This is a really good grammar book.

        The first edition, is available on Amazon as an e book. She also has a Hungarian Course.

    • David McAllister says:

      1. Viktoria Szabo, Hungarian Verbs, available on Amazon.com. No ISBN and no publisher’s name is given, but it does say Middletown DE, June 28, 2017. It has 300 full conjugations.

      2. Hard to find: Zsuzsa Hoffman, Ragozó, published 2015 by Debreceni Nyári Egyetem. (ISBN 963 86592 2 X)

      3. Out of print but occasionally available used on Amazon at high prices; the best of the lot if you can find it and afford it: PONS Hungarian Verb Tables, published in English and also in German. It’s one of the outstanding language books by Pons. (ISBN of the German edition is 978 3 12 561166 5). Ths book has 80 verbs and an index linking many other verbs to the appropriate conjugation, plus an excellent guide to verb forms. You just need 80.

      The PONS Hungarian Noun Declension Tables (ISBN 963 9641 04 9) book is more readily available.

      4. If you have an iPhone or iPad, two good Hungarian Verb apps are available at theApp Store, which give full conjugations for very many verbs. “Hungarian Verb Blitz” and Hungarian Verb Conjugation”. Neither app has a search function that would enable a user to search any Verb form he finds to see what verb and what form it is, but still they are good.

      I hope this helps you.

      • David McAllister says:

        I found the ISBN of the one, by Szabo. It is 978-1522993940. It’s about $16 new on Amazon.

    • David McAllister says:

      I found the ISBN of the English version of the PONS verb tables, out of print. It is 978-9639641037.

    • David McAllister says:

      Don’t forget there’s also the website verbix.com, which has a verb conjugator for Hungarian as well as many other languages.

    • New info about verb books: there is a publisher called Hungarolingua that has a number of books for learners, including several on verbs. Their website is http://www.nyariegyetem.hu/tananyag.php, where the books are listed. It seems to be somehow associated with the Debreceni Nyâri Egyetem.

      One publication is the Ragazó book I listed in my earlier comment as #2.

      There is also a verb dictionary (one to English and one to German), and another that goes through a good number of basic verbs and explains the effect of adding the various prefixes to each one. This one is called Igézõ and is only Hungarian, i.e. it has no translations into other languages.

  7. Attention Host: I received an email from you on this topic but the email provided in it did not seem to work. Please send another response to me with an email. Thank you very much!

  8. Attention László’s, the Hunlang Blog host: I’ve recieved several emails from you but when I respond to them, my messages are returned as undeliverable … that email address must not be able to receive messages. Please email me again with another email address that I can respond to. Thank you! Dave McAllister

    • hunlang says:

      I’ll try with a different e-mail address. My e-mail provider has no problem with receiving gmail messages. Is it possible that there is some technical problems with gmail? Anyway, I’ll drop a few lines with that other address. We’ll see. 🙂

  9. David McAllister says:

    László, my emails today were returned, after I received one from you. Please feel free to phone me if convenient and if you are in Hungary…. my number was in the mail you received, I think. I will be abroad for one week from March 21. Thanks, Dave McA

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