3 comments on “Olvashatnékom van

  1. Mark says:

    only a question ….is it possible to translate the frase ” I feel like kissing you” with “Csókolhatnéklak” ?


    • hunlang says:

      Hi there,

      No, it cannot be used like that. Olvashatnékom van has a possessive suffix at the end -om. It’s like saying Van egy házam=I have a house. It’s possession in that sense. You can only use that with a possessive suffix and you can’t refer to another person with -lak.

      Játszhatnékom van. – I feel like playing. / Ehetnéked van? – Do you feel like eating?

      Also, we don’t use these often because this construction has a ‘playfulness’ to it. A student wouldn’t say this to a teacher, for example. Among friends, it’s okay.

      Just say ‘Szeretnélek megcsókolni’ or ‘Úgy megcsókolnálak’ 🙂


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