Vocabulary – Travel Part 2

baleset accident
balesetet szenved to have an accident
megsérül to get injured
sérült injured
a sérültek the injured
Hívja a mentőket! Call the ambulance.

A sérülteket kórházba szállították.
The injured have been taken to hospital.

If you’re in a building (a hotel for ex.), you should know where the entrance and the exit is in case of a fire alarm.

bejárat entrance
kijárat exit
tűzriadó fire alarm

If you go on vacation, you can go abroad or you can stay in your own country.

belföld inland
külföld abroad
nyaralni megy to go on vacation
nyaral to be on vacation
külföldre megy to go abroad
belföldön marad to stay in the country
külföldön nyaral to be on vacation abroad

In order to go on vacation, you should first take your vacation/holidays.

szabadságot vesz ki / szabadságra megy to take one’s holidays
szabadságon van to be on holidays
fizetett szabadság holidays with pay
> everyday language refers to it as szabi

Of course, you can also have a day off, but that’s not much of a vacation.

szabadnapja van / szabadnapos to have a day off
Szabadnapos vagyok. I have a day off.

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