Hungarian tongue-twisters – Magyar nyelvtörők

I hope I translated it all correctly 🙂

Mit sütsz, kis szűcs? Tán sós húst sütsz, kis szűcs?
What are you roasting, little furrier? Are you roasting salted meat, little furrier?

Sárga bögre, görbe bögre. – Yellow mug, crooked mug.

Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Te tettetett tettek tettese, te!
Did you feign this feigned deed? You offender of feigned deeds, you?

Két pék két szép kék képet kér.
Two bakers ask for two beautiful blue pictures.

Egy kupac kopasz kukac meg még egy kupac kopasz kukac, az két kupac kopasz kukac.
One pile of bare worms plus another pile of bare worms are two piles of bare worms.

Ede, te bedezodoroztad magad? – Ede, you sprayed deodorant on you?

Csinos, csíkos cinkcsészében kilenc cukros csirkecomb.
In a pretty stripy zink cup there are nine chicken legs flavored with sugar.

Meggymag! Szelíd meggymag vagy, vagy vadmeggymag vagy?
Sour cherry seed! Are you a tame sour cherry seed or a wild sour cherry seed?

Répa, retek, mogyoró, korán reggel ritkán rikkant a rigó.
Carrot, radish, hazelnut, the thrush rarely squeals in the morning.

Agostyánban agg atyák gatyáikat aggatják.
Old fathers are hanging their pants in Agostyán.

Download the grammar book here!

All right. So what you see below (tmthtgfinal) is a revised version of my book from today on. I’ve made a few mistakes in the first book and I’ve found several way to improve things. Mainly grouping and arranging grammatical topics in a more reasonable way. So there is some improvement on verbs and nouns. And you can find summary tables at the very end of the book. I hope it helps you learn (more about) Hungarian since that’s my goal with my writing. The size of the pdf. book is 10 Mb.

This book exists in electronic format only. It’s absolutely free to download it, but it’s only for personal use. Please respect the copyright issues, all rights reserved, and so on…


Hi there, native English speakers!

This blog is about Hungarian language, my language. If I’m lucky and I can upload a pdf. file on this blog, you can download it for free and for personal use. The book I wrote about Hungarian grammar is for beginners. My goal was to give an idea what kind of language it is and an insight into more detailed grammar issues.

Best wishes