Not going to be here

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not keeping my promise. I told you I’d write more and I didn’t. Excuses are not my cup of tea, so all I say is that work didn’t quite let me dispose of my time as I wanted.

I’m going to the UK for a couple of month. I don’t know how much time I will have over there, so this time I don’t promise anything.

If you continue liking this blog, then for you, apparently, learning Hungarian is a fun thing and I owe you a big ‘thank you’ for that. 🙂

That’s all for now.


Best wishes to all


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7 comments on “Not going to be here

  1. Oscar says:

    Igen, tanulni magyar nyelvet szórakoztató, és hasznos is nekem. Igy tudok beszelni az feleségem családjaval.


    • John Lewis says:

      I’m trying to learn the lovely Hungarian language because I saw that it was one of the hardest languages and still one that my keyboard recognises……But the more I get into the language the more I get baffled….. But babies and young children learn without having to translate and be taught yet they end up speaking perfectly. Why can’t we be taught, or rather why can’t someone teach us, in a similar way. From the beginning they have to hear sounds like- What a lovely smile. Give me a kiss. Put that down. Don’t touch that. Eat your dinner. Come here. Don’t you look pretty, Get dressed. Do you want your milk? And so on. They are not taught about grammar, , accusatives, plurals, endings and such like but they pick it up in the course of living. And indeed they must inherently find it easy. And also seem to learn it very quickly for some reason! Reading through the explanation of ‘Ez and Az’ the other day made me go boss-eyed with my head spinning. But if you grow up with it surely it must be, or become, easy don’t you think? Anybody agree with me??? Or is there a better way apart from forgetting all your English and being reborn in Hungary..


      • hunlang says:

        Hi there,

        I would suggest you learn sentences just as you described the way a baby learns them. Then start dealing with grammar issues. We will understand you anyway. 🙂


  2. John Lewis says:

    Thanks for your reply. I often tend to do what you suggest by typing things into ‘Google Translate’ but it seems that often even I, (with my limited knowledge), notice that it gets it rather wrong sometimes. I often listen to some tv channels and programs but I find that only knowing comparatively little I can’t get the gist of what is being said which means that it all sounds like rubbish mixed in with some words I can understand. However I think your site is brilliant with so much information and thank you for taking the time and interest in order to help clueless people like me……. PS. I wish I could come to terms with your word order.


    • hunlang says:

      I’ll try to come up with something. Maybe starting from simple Subject-Verb-Object word order. I don’t promise it, though, as I wrote in a message. I’ll try anyway.


  3. ligiax says:

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