About to Reorganize

Hi there!

It’s been a while that I didn’t write a new entry. The reason for it is: currently I’m writing the German and Spanish version of this English blog about Hungarian language. Understandable? 🙂

This English version was something like a test when I started it more than a year ago. I didn’t know  how exactly I should do it, so I threw every grammar stuff in the ‘Requests on Hungarian grammar’ section, every conversation stuff in the ‘Everyday language/Curiosity’ section and the book itself which I wrote about my language can be downloaded for free in the ‘Download the grammar book’ section.

Now that I started writing the other versions in German and Spanish I realized that this specific blog could be organized better. Of course, if you type what you want to find about Hungarian grammar in the Google search box, you’ll find it, but that’s not the same. I think I did a better job in the two other blogs, so I’ll try to have a major reorganization session, but that’ll take a while. You know, until I find everything – shall we say about Past Tense – and gather it in one place…

To make a long story short, soon you’ll be able to find stuff easier. Well, as soon as I have time to start the reorganization.

So have a nice learning Hungarian! … Until further notice 🙂

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2 comments on “About to Reorganize

  1. Tori-kun says:

    Is the German version published already? 😀


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