Some Words That Might Deceive You

Now I’ll snow you a few words that are written exactly or almost exactly like some English words. So the confusion is kind of foreprogrammed. You see the Hungarian words, their actual meaning in English and the brackets show what they shouldn’t be confused with.

hat > six (and it’s not a hat on your head)

here > testicle (and it’s not like: Come here!)

van > is, there is (and it’s not a vehicle)

most > now (and it’s not like: most of them)

jog > law, right (and it’s not like: I jog every morning)

fog > tooth (and it’s not the fog on a rainy day)

hold > moon (and it’s not like: I hold something)

nap > day, sun (and it’s not like: I take a nap)

had > army (and not like: I had no idea)

Fuss! > Run! (and it’s not like: I make a fuss)

is > also, too (and it’s not the 3rd PS of ‘to be’)

dug > to hide, to stick (and it’s not like: I dug up the whole garden)

sugár > ray, beam (and it’s not like: There’s no sugar in my tea)

And some more curiosity: there are some words which you can pronounce easier if you think of these words. You see the Hungarian word, then the actual meaning in English and the brackets show words you should think of to pronounce them easier.

hét > seven, week (hate)

rét > meadow (rate)

szék > chair (sake)

fék > brake (fake)

kék > blue (cake)

tép > to tear (tape)

fém > metal (fame)

Bye now! 🙂

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