More about Comments

Just a few words about it.

I’ve just checked the ‘comment’ section and there are 162 spam messages. Spam comments are blocked, so if you wrote a comment and the system thought it was spam, I will never see it.

I’m discussing this because a visitor had a problem like that.

So if I聽happened not to聽answer a comment, that’s the reason behind it and not my laziness. 馃檪

So much for spam comments.

About Comments

Hardly has this blog聽been running for a couple of weeks,聽the silly spam comments not related to the content of the blog have already appeared. My rule as the responsible guy for this blog is simple. I delete every comment that smells like “non-related topic” (yes, even those advertising viagra!) immediately.

Any other comments about Hungarian are welcome and I’ll answer each of your questions you might have.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Blog Boss 馃檪