Internet Connection (non-)existent

Hi there!

Right now I have an Internet connection, but it’s been up and down lately. Something wrong with my computer. If I don’t reply to something, that’s why. Sorry about it. I’ll do my best. 🙂

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4 comments on “Internet Connection (non-)existent

  1. Jackson Scholl says:

    Kedves Ragoncsa Úr –

    As an aspiring student of the Hungarian language (my Hungarian son-in-law became a naturalized US citizen last year), I was exceedingly impressed with the quality of your grammar text (tmthtgfinal). Much better than Carol Rounds’ “Essential Grammer;” better than the Szita/Görbe book, “Gyakorló Magyar Nyelvtan.” Since you included exercises, I assume the text was meant to be printed… I would like your permission to print it – duplex, double-sided (it is quite long). My printer will not produce 2-to-a-side copies (nor will a ‘walk-up’ shop printer), and the copy shop attendant will not (understandably) print it without your permission.

    Elöre Köszönöm Szépen,

    Jack Scholl


  2. Jana says:

    Jó estét!

    Tavaly októberben nyilvánosságra hoztam a Negation kategóriához tartozó javításaimat. Válaszolt: „…Rosszalkodik az internetkapcsolatom.“
    Most milyen a helyzet az internetkapcsolattal? Megjavult egy kicsit? Szabad küldenem javításaimat a további kategóriához?


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