Word Order

Grammar again for this one entry. I want to help you form correct sentences by telling you about a little trick. It’s about Subject + Verb + Object/Adverb.

The English word order is: SVO or SVA

The standard Hungarian word order is: SOV or SAV > Obviously the verb goes to the end of the sentence because the object or the adverb precedes it. This is not topic-prominent aspect! This is the usual word order when saying sentences like this:

Dávid újságot olvas. (> újságot = object)
David is reading a newspaper.

Az elnök beszédet mond. (> beszédet = object)
The president delivers a speech.

Az osztály Londonba megy. (> Londonba = adverb of place)
The class is going to London.

A rendezvény holnap kezdődik. (> holnap = adverb of time)
The program starts tomorrow.

A csapat jól dolgozik. (> jól = adverb of manner)
The team is working well.

I hope I helped you a little bit. Next time we’ll get down to vocabulary, going through several topics like: BODY, FAMILY, HOUSE, SHOPPING, TRAVEL and so on. Not only have I been planning to do this for a long time (but first I wanted to cover the grammar part), but also visitors suggested that this is ‘proper’ way to continue. 🙂

See ya!

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  1. hisham says:

    I really really appreciate your beneficent instructive program it helps me a lot 🙂


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