Past Tense and -lak, -lek

The -lak, -lek suffixes express that the 1st PS does something to the 2nd PS or 2nd PP with a transitive verb. We’ve already talked about it in present tense: látlak, nézlek…

What about the past tense? Well, it goes like this:

Put the verb in 3rd PS definite past tense form and add -lak or -lek according to vowel harmony!


Látta. > Láttalak. – I saw you.

Nézte. > Néztelek. – I watched you.

Értette. > Értettelek. – I understood you.

Várta. > Vártalak. – I‘ve been waiting for you.

NOTE! The verb VÁR (to wait) can be transitive even if you talk about a person.

All right. We’re finished with past tense. Next time future tense.

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