Vocabulary – Names


Hungarian names are said like this: Kovács János.


As if you said: Smith John.

And you ask someone’s name like this:

INFORMAL: What’s your name? – Mi a neved? Hogy hívnak?
FORMAL: What’s your name? – Mi a neve? Hogy hívják?

Addressing someone:

Uram! – Sir!
Hölgyem! Asszonyom! – Madam!
Kovács úr, fáradjon a rendelőbe! – Mr. Smith, please go to the consulting room!
Kovács, fáradjon a rendelőbe! – Mrs. Smith, please go to the consulting room!

> Hölgyem (Ms.) is for younger, asszonyom (Mrs.) for elder/married women.
> We use úr even if you say Mr. or sir.
> If a woman is somebody’s wife and she took his name, you add -né to the family name.

By the way, look at this example with -né:

király – king
királynő – queen regnant
királyné – queen consort

is a noun meaning woman, while -né is an ending indicating a woman’s married to a man and she decided to take his family name = Mrs.