Vocabulary – Body Parts part 1

A test – The body

NOTE! Hungarian treats body parts as singular objects. You can make them plural, of course, but fundamentally they are singular (unlike in English: ears, eyes…)

testrész bodypart

szem eyes (> singular in Hungarian)
száj mouth
ajak lips (> singular in Hungarian)
orr nose
fül ears (> singular in Hungarian)
szempilla eyelashes (> singular in Hungarian)
szemöldök eyebrow
tarkó nape
haj hair
bajusz moustache
szakáll beard
borosta stubble
nyak neck
torok throat

mellkas chest
mell breast
mellbimbó nipple
köldök navel
has belly
derék waist
csipő hip
hát back
váll shoulder
kar arm
kéz hand
csukló wrist
ujj finger
hüvelyk ujj thumb
mutató ujj index finger
középső ujj middle finger
gyűrűs ujj ring-finger
kisujj little finger
köröm finger-nail
hónalj armpit
szőr hair

fenék bottom
ágyék groin
láb(fej) foot
láb(szár) leg
comb thigh
térd knee
sarok heel
talp sole
(láb)ujj toe

nemiszerv genitals (> singular in Hungarian)
pénisz, hímvessző penis
here testicle (> singular in Hungarian)
hüvely vagina


haj = hair on your head
szőr = hair on any other bodypart (but not on your head)

9 comments on “Vocabulary – Body Parts part 1

  1. writingmonk says:

    A very helpful list for a beginner like me. Nagyon köszönöm!


  2. David Sili says:

    I was wondering about the actual meaning of words “kar” and “kéz”. I understand that it means “arm” and “hand” respectively with the same meaning it has in English language (if I’m not mistaking).
    However, in the northern part of Serbia Hungarians almost always use word “kéz” for both arm and hand, except when they want to explicitly denote that it is a whole arm. I was wondering if that is also the case in the proper Hungarian or is it just the case in some of the surrounding countries?
    Thank you for this list and thank you in advance for taking time.


    • hunlang says:

      Hi there,

      In the proper Hungarian kar is arm and kéz is hand, as you said. Their meaning is always separated in the Hungarian mind. There can be regional differences in the areas where Hungarian people are in minority and developed a “local Hungarian language”.


    • Oscar says:

      Hi David,
      I have the same situation with some people from Transilvania. They have the word “kar”, but they usually use “kez” refering to the arm. Later in spanish they often use the word “pie” (foot) instead of “pierna” (leg) to say something about the leg. But anyway, that’s logic as they use only “lab” for both concepts.


  3. lillychan5678@gmail.com says:

    would you be able to explain the possessive form of the body parts? Like my eyes, his eyes, your eyes?
    thank you


  4. […] the https://myhunlang.com/2010/07/13/vocabulary-body-parts-part-1/ entry, we have talked about the idea of two body parts considered one. Usually, it is enough to say […]


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